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About Glow Consultants

GLOW Consultants (PVT) limited is a specialized IT and social development consultancy firm based in Islamabad with a decade of experience.

We provide BI and MIS solutions. This includes dynamic data reporting systems, digital project management tools, data-driven decision support systems using software packages such as MS Power BI, Tableau, SAP, SQL, Python, Cloud Computing, Oracle BI, and SAS Business Intelligence.

We offer Third-party monitoring, Evaluation, and Research services. This includes remote and on-site data collection, program design/proposal development, capacity development trainings/assessments, monitoring baseline, midline, endline, impact and value for money analysis.

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At GLOW Consultants, core focus is monitoring, offering customized TPM, remote, real-time, feedback services.


GLOW Consultants' evaluation blends qualitative and quantitative data, utilizing various interviews, workshops, surveys.


GLOW employs specialized industry knowledge alongside adept research abilities to cultivate a effective methodology.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Ensure precise, relevant data; use stats, visuals; maintain current, appealing analysis.

Data Management & Business Intelligence

Set goals aligned with business needs; maintain accurate, consistent data; review BI quality.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Set AI goals aligned with business; ensure precise, relevant data; choose suitable algorithms.

Our Team

Our team at GLOW Consultants is a diverse group of experts dedicated
to delivering innovative solutions for your needs

Zaki Ullah


Zaki has Masters in Management and Implementation of Development Projects from University of Manchester, United Kingdom with strong background in infrastructure, development, monitoring, evaluation and learning. His area of specialty is infrastructure, development and learning specialist, monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance and third-party assessments.

Saeed Ullah Khan


Saeed has over 15 years of experience in development, education and humanitarian programs. He has experience in the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of multi sectoral programs with a focus on education, Institutional Development, Livelihood, Community engagement, Policy Reviews and Humanitarian Assistance.

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