Meal And Research



At GLOW Consultants, we have a wide range of experience in projects conducted, including baseline, impact, mid-term, endline and final evaluations. We have also conducted a multitude of third-party monitoring activities. Alongside this, we have conducted research studies, mapping activities, needs assessments, tracer studies and KAP studies amongst other research activities.

We have also been extensively involved in program design and proposal development aspects with our clients, including reviewing and developing country strategies for organizations. Overall, at GLOW, we have conducted over 100 assignments, collected data from over 20,000 household, conducted over 1000 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and over 2000 Key Informant Interviews (KIIs).


Monitoring is one of the core work we focus at GLOW Consultants. As part of this stream of engagement, we provide a wide range of customised services such as third party monitoring (TPM), remote monitoring, real-time monitoring and beneficiary feedback. These activities are geared towards activity validation and midcourse correction. Our work is guided by the organisational compliance framework while adhering to best donor and industry practices such as core humanitarian standards.

Our approach is that of a critical friend while understanding and acknowledging field realities, a practice we have evolved in more than six monitoring engagements with FCDO and Tetra Tech (Coffey) since 2014 As part of our monitoring work, we refer to key activities and performance indicators as outlined in project/programme proposals and logical frameworks (LFA). We can help you with:

  • M&E framework
  • Monitoring and reporting systems
  • Monitoring database
  • M&E Training


Our evaluation work at GLOW Consultants is multi-facet utilising both qualitative and quantitative data including but not limited to key informant interviews (KIIs), in-depth interviews (IDIs), listening workshops, community data gathering workshops, focus group discussions (FGDs), group discussions (GDs), and stakeholders, household, beneficiary surveys.

Our evaluations are mostly quasi-experimental in nature and follow Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s  (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) six evaluation criteria: relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability and its principles. We customise OECD-DAC criteria for each programme based on its specific requirements. These evaluations include prospective, midline, process, endline, and impact evaluations that follow formative and summative approaches.


We at GLOW have a research-in-action approach by employing our first-hand knowledge of the development sector as well as utilising our experience in research design, data collection and analysis. Our research at GLOW is practical in nature documenting learning and providing policy recommendations. Our experts provide unique insights on the issues faced by the development sector in Pakistan and beyond. People are at the centre of our research as we believe they are key to any solution, thus we talk to them – to as many as possible, and from as many groups as possible.

Through our research we capture emerging results and findings affecting marganislied communities in the country – be it is now or may affect in the future. Our solution-oriented research is based on high ethical standards and academic vigour. Some of these aspects we have learnt from our partners such as ODI, START Network and Humanitarian Advisory Group, and look forward to future collections with other experts to expand our learning. Institutional Review Board (IRB) and independent reviewers are some of the measures we take as part of our research.


Our experience spans over all phases of household and facility surveys including: design; planning; recruitment and training of survey staff; data collection, data management and analysis. We specialize in the following survey methodologies:

  • Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS methodology)
  • Emergency Health & Nutrition Assessment (SMART methodology)
  • Health Facility Assessment
  • Education and Literacy Census


GLOW Consultants is the resource group to support with Long term Agreement (LTA) with HAG, IRC & ACTED Pakistan in collecting data from multiple intervention and compiling. Flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach: we can provide day to-day operations all the way through to full asset ownership or consumption-based commercial models.